Product Strategy

Our team and associates have a strong background in product, with first-hand experience ranging from defining strategy to product build and operation. Predominantly in the Issuing / Processing / Programme Management space, we’ve also advised in e-commerce Acquiring / Acquirer Processing. We’re familiar with the capabilities of many of the organisations in the Payments ecosystem, so based on your skills, capacity and budget, we’d be able to help shape how to go about defining and implementing a strategy that works for your organisation, and contains the necessary features and functions for your area of operation and target market.

Where we can help

  • Product and service build vs partner strategy

  • Costs, pricing and business case

  • Roadmap - phased and prioritised

  • Detailed product definition, features and functions.

A sample of our Product Strategy projects

Processor Product Roadmap

Defined a product strategy for an Issuer Processor to expand into different regions, specifying the required components of the product with sufficient detail on the features and functions to enter the design phase.

Multi-balance Wallets

Mapped out a transaction processing solution for a Programme Manager to enable authorisation, clearing and settlement processing against externally-held wallet balances with their own funding sources.

Banking Product Definition

Advised on the functionality and build priority of an entry-level banking product for an Issuer Processor.