Delivery & Operations

As well as providing advisory services with steering and governance on strategic delivery projects, we are also able to engage at a more detailed level to help deliver a project from conception to completion, with guidance and support through the phases. Similarly with Operations, we are able to dig down and help define robust BAU operational processes fit for a Payments organisation - with all the pressure that brings.

We’re comfortable operating hands-off or hands-on, or a combination of the both for different aspects of a project, and would endeavour to flex our services based on what you need, based on your skills, availability and requirements.

Where we can help

We can help in the following areas, each from high-level guidance to detailed support or ownership:

  • Project scope, definition, initiation

  • Resource planning

  • Cost forecast, budgeting, control

  • Steering & governance

  • Risk management, RAID logs

  • Project planning & management

  • Business analysis, system design

  • 3rd party setup & integration

  • Test strategy

  • Go-live support

  • Delivery process definition / reengineering:

    • Project management

    • Requirements gathering

  • Operational process definition / reengineering:

    • Incident management

    • Change control

    • Release management

    • Request fulfilment

    • Job tracking.

A sample of our Delivery & Operations projects

Programme Manager Transition

Supported a Payments organisation through their transition in becoming a Programme Manager. Amongst other streams, we provided steering and governance, product definition and build support, risk management and RAID log support, and guided the activities of 3rd party organisations, engaging with the issuer, processor, card manufacturer and KYC provider.

New Payment Scheme

Steered a Programme Manager through the implementation of a new major-brand payment scheme. We were initially involved in an advisory capacity for the business strategy and project approach, before becoming more closely involved through all stages to project closure. We were deeply involved in product development scoping, planning and delivery, 3rd party management, and we ran the risk management process.

Operational Improvement Programme

Created a BAU ‘Operational Service Pack’, comprising ITIL-based operational processes tailored to the organisational structure, resource capacity and skills of the organisation. Included a whole host of processes, with the most critical being incident management, change control, release management and job tracking. We also improved delivery processes around project management and requirements gathering.