Processor Toolkit

The Processor is expected to know everything. To have everything. To be all things to all people. Disruption to service is simply not acceptable. It’s the central hub in the ecosystem for many organisations, and simply must work, at all times. But it also has to be leading edge, on the forefront of innovation and industry advances, driving change. Because if the client’s Processor can’t do it, then as often as not the client can’t either.

We understand this. Issuer Processing is at the heart of our experience, and our team has years of know-how in finding that delicate balance between change and stability, innovation and reliability. We know what it takes to become and operate as a class-leading Processor, what you need to do to become and remain competitive, from product features and functions, service definition, build, delivery, through to BAU operation, and from your core services to the value-adds you’d need to provide.

We’re here to help. Our services range from high-level business advisory through to detailed direction and support to help you build your product and service portfolio, improve or expand your offering, or get it to and keep it at best-of-breed status. We can help you define your product, create or build your core proposition, select and integrate with partners for value-add services, and guide you through delivery and into operations. We can help you with your technical environments and with your operational processes.

Having worked with many of the leading providers of services to Processors, we can help make sure you partner with the organisations that are right for you, that best complement your own capabilities. Here’s a sample of what we can help with:

Where We Can Help

Products and Services

  • Card Management System

  • Authorisation and Clearing processing

  • Settlement, Reconciliation, Reporting

  • Digital and mobile wallets

  • Digital, mobile and emerging payments

  • UIs / Management Portals

  • Cardholder self-service channels.


  • Payment schemes

  • Top-up channels

  • Payment gateways

  • Card Manufacturers

  • KYC / AML service providers

  • Risk and Fraud Management

  • Externally hosted balances (core banking interfaces, wallets).

Technology and Operations

  • APIs and batch files

  • Hosting / Cloud

  • Compliance

  • Monitoring and alerting.

How We Can Help


  • Product strategy and approach: build, partner, outsource

  • Partner selection, engagement, commercials

  • Product and Service definition, prioritisation, build support, PCI-DSS compliance, regulation

  • Advise on integration & certification with payment schemes

  • Support integration with other 3rd parties: technical, operational.

Technology and Operations

  • Create product configuration templates

  • Write or improve technical specifications and operational documentation

  • Business transformation

  • Define / improve operational processes, covering release, incident, change etc.


  • Direct-to-client services to onboard / integrate.

A sample of our Processor projects

Product Build Strategy & Launch Pack

Provided a product build and rollout strategy for a new market entrant Issuer Processor in the US, with global expansion plans. We defined a proposition to serve as the foundation to build and become a credible Processor, with a module-by-module feature pack and a phase-by-phase progression pack to evolve from credible startup to class-leading innovator. Based on their core competence, we categorised areas for in-house build / partnership / outsource, and identified the integration points and high-level impact assessment. We further identified the key constraints and dependencies that would impact speed to market.


Business Transformation

Complete overhaul of all standards, approaches, processes and procedures from client on boarding through delivery to BAU operations, with identification and implementation of appropriate control and tracking tools.

Mobile Wallets

Guidance and advisory in rolling out various mobile wallets under MDES.