Integration is a necessity for any Payments organisation due to the sheer number of component parts of the ecosystem, the number of specialisms, and the rapid rate of growth due to innovation from emerging payments and advancing tech, along with the rise of PSD2 Open Banking and SCA.

What can we do?

Whether your organisation is starting up with multiple integrations to embark upon, or whether you are an established company rolling out a new product or service through a partnership, we can help. We have experience in integrating a number of organisations with various roles in the Payments landscape, across Issuers, Processors, Payment Schemes, Programme Managers, Card Manufacturers, KYC / AML providers etc.

Our integration services cover business, operations and technology, from high-level advisory, commercials or cost-modelling down to supporting the configuration, API usage, field mapping, exception management and BAU processes. Our deep-dive services involve our getting to know your systems such that we can confidently determine the appropriate integration for your platform.

What are the benefits?

In using our services, your organisation can benefit from:

  • Working with experienced resource with 20+ years in Payments and a proven track record of integrations between many Payments organisations

  • The close relationship we have with many organisations in the payments space, our knowledge of their systems and services, and in experience from prior integrations

  • Reduction in your lead time / learning curve and delivery timeframe, maximising speed-to-market and the likelihood of a right-first-time solution, and minimizing your costs associated with resource lock-in

  • Making the most out of your existing resource without over-committing to the project.

We have standard sets of repeatable services that we offer, from light-touch to deep-dives from start to finish, and are equally happy to tailor our services to meet your needs, capacity and level of experience. Please get in touch if you would like to hear more.

A sample of our Integration projects

Multi-party Integration

A deep-dive support project where we helped a Programme Manager integrate with numerous 3rd party service providers, including Processor, Issuer and KYC / AML provider, right from initiation and commercials through to launch. We helped with business requirement definition, analysis and design of their own platform, advised on configuration with all parties, and led each integration to each party. We defined appropriate solutions in each case, with API use and field-level mapping.


Card Manufacturer Integration

Guided a Programme Manager through taking on a new Card Manufacturer, as an indirect integration through the Processor. Required interface and field mapping, along with a strategy to replace cards under the previous manufacturer with those from the new, with a means of avoiding:

  • disrupting operation on the live card portfolio

  • mass re-carding

  • major redevelopment.

Interested in a partnership?

If integration is a recurring theme for your organisation, whether due to regular rollout of new products or services, or because your clients must integrate with you, it may be worth considering an integration partnership. If you would like to discuss options, please email us at, or send us an enquiry using the form below.

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